Saturday, August 2, 2008

my gravest sin

i often play pranks on my frnds.but as a whole i have a gd boy image.however i once commited a great sin.i was a once writer of a blind student.i while writing for him got so bored that i abused him.he even complained but as i had a very good image i got away without any punishment.later i felt bad.but that time i had such a ego i didnt apolige.that sin often hurts me.i decided to be a doctor and look after the blind for free.but god didnt gave me that chance.i dont know what to do.i had made up my mind to do something for the blind one day.dont know if god will give me chance.
pls god forgive me

1 comment:

workhard said...

You regret it.. u realized it ... and thats important from this point on...

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