Sunday, August 10, 2008

slayed it again

uff the result of 4th sem was only 7.93.i hope i deserved more.anyway it doesnt matter.hope this monster will not haunt for 6 more the way this time one of my close buddy caame out top in his hats off to him.really its strange.i am always surrounded by toppers, genius boys.....starting from sanchalak to now sudipto.its true sometimes i envy them very much but deep in my heart i know i am not fit for successes like them.
anyway besides this result no other breaking news occured in my no more entertainment guys.bye...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

the worst vacation ever

i planned t do a lot of things in this vacatiom but all my plans fell apart.i had planned to get my license of driving this summer.but due to a strange skin disease it was not possible.i had to remain confined in my home for most of the days.besides suddenly some of my frnd was resentful towards me for my i really changing???anyways i dont give a damn to what other guys think.i always do what my heart says. i also had a great fight witha girl called pamela.sorry guys i wont reveal the details here.
anyway overall i was pretty screwed up.still as we all know the old sayings after night rises the bright sun i too hope my happy and fun filled days will come looking forward with great eagerness

Saturday, August 2, 2008

my gravest sin

i often play pranks on my frnds.but as a whole i have a gd boy image.however i once commited a great sin.i was a once writer of a blind student.i while writing for him got so bored that i abused him.he even complained but as i had a very good image i got away without any punishment.later i felt bad.but that time i had such a ego i didnt apolige.that sin often hurts me.i decided to be a doctor and look after the blind for free.but god didnt gave me that chance.i dont know what to do.i had made up my mind to do something for the blind one day.dont know if god will give me chance.
pls god forgive me

Friday, August 1, 2008

the monster is comming

the word result always give me last success in an exam was way back in class 4.from then it had been a story of some close saves.this time its also no different.waiting for my 4th sem result fingers crossed...
hoping god will come to my rescue again....

returning to my third abode

next monday i will go to a days i spent most of my days there.its now become a type of home to me.i often miss kolkata.but still that place also have something which get me going.wanna come....