Sunday, August 10, 2008

slayed it again

uff the result of 4th sem was only 7.93.i hope i deserved more.anyway it doesnt matter.hope this monster will not haunt for 6 more the way this time one of my close buddy caame out top in his hats off to him.really its strange.i am always surrounded by toppers, genius boys.....starting from sanchalak to now sudipto.its true sometimes i envy them very much but deep in my heart i know i am not fit for successes like them.
anyway besides this result no other breaking news occured in my no more entertainment guys.bye...

1 comment:

Nahl said...

It's so bad when our friends get more than they deserve and we get less than what we deserve! But work harder next time.
Btw thank you sooo much for offering to mail me the book..I'd love it if you would! :)