Sunday, August 3, 2008

the worst vacation ever

i planned t do a lot of things in this vacatiom but all my plans fell apart.i had planned to get my license of driving this summer.but due to a strange skin disease it was not possible.i had to remain confined in my home for most of the days.besides suddenly some of my frnd was resentful towards me for my i really changing???anyways i dont give a damn to what other guys think.i always do what my heart says. i also had a great fight witha girl called pamela.sorry guys i wont reveal the details here.
anyway overall i was pretty screwed up.still as we all know the old sayings after night rises the bright sun i too hope my happy and fun filled days will come looking forward with great eagerness


workhard said...

This is only a phase. will pass. trust me on this...

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Nahl said...

Aah i hate it when that happens!